Saturday, November 06, 2004

Week Ten - Take Two - still needs tweekin'

Wipe away the tears little one,
life has just begun.
Silver spoon and golden goblet have you not,
cause what you've got is what you've got.
Ain't nobody gonna feel sorry for you,
nobody's gonna make it right.
They'll look on you with pity,
then rest their heads at night.
Standin' on the outside,
always lookin' in.
When you gonna figure out
the rich will always think they win?
Odd man out, Old Mother Hubbard,
that's the story of your life.
The pie's all gone,
looks like you missed your slice.
You've heard the saying,
"The clothes make the man."
Well what's that make you
when all you've got is second-hand?
Used up, broken, and tossed out;
that's what this world will do to ya.
Better put your hopes in a Heaven,
cause here it may only be Hell.
Ain't trying to be all down,
just puttin' it like it is.
Sometimes life bites,
so go on and bite back!
If I've made you mad enough,
then stand up and fight the fight!
Remember where you came from,
then find out where your headed.
Make a bridge from there to here,
and build it for yourself.
If there's one thing I've learned in life,
nothing worth having is free.
So pick up your chin,
put your face to the sun.
Nobody else is your answer,
you are the only one.
Skid Row, Park Avenue -
its all just dirt to me.
Its not where you come from baby,
its where you want to be!
So wipe away those tears,
let the past stay in the past.
You can make your own future,
you can write your own destiny!


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