Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mr. Logic

It was relatively quiet in the house... Dad had gone outside with the kids to do some yard work while Mom sat in the "blue monster" recliner in the living room, doing some last minute cramming for class that night. Their voices carried in through the kitchen screen door.

"Hey! Get up off the grass! Those are good pants you have on!"

(uh-oh, Mom didn't bother to have the kids change after school and now there was going to be "issues" over the matter)

"Jus! Get up! Your going to ruin your pants! You can't crawl around on the ground like that with your school clothes on!"

"But I'm just looking in the grass."

Mom is beginning to feel a little guilty now for not bothering with the clothes change routine. She chimes in from the comfort of the blue monster...
"I thought he was just going out to swing, or I would have had him change..." (Yeah, sure... cause all 5 year old boys "just go out to swing" and would never dream of doing anything else to soil their clothes - a little reality check is in order here Mom.)

Thirty seconds later apparently he is down on the ground again, rolling around in the grass like a dog who has found something very odorous to investigate...

"Alright, that's it! If you can't listen then go change your clothes!"

"Nooooo (whine), I just want to look at the grass..."

"Either go inside and change or stay off the ground!"

(silence for 10 seconds)

"Daddy? How can I walk if I have to stay off the ground?"

Mom bursts out laughing from the living room... ahhh yes, little Mr. Logic wins the battle again.


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